Yield %
Anton Young 18.35%
Tipster Girl 16.21%
Lionheart 14.40%
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Overall profit
Tipster Girl 71.00
Imre Puskas 43.00
Anton Young 40.00
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January yield %
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January profit
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Tipsters wanted
Asianhandicap.com are currently looking for good quality tipsters that can provide solid analysis and write in good English.

To apply as an asianhandicap.com tipster please send a test preview to manager@asianhandicap.com

There are very basic guidelines, please take a note of these guidelines before applying to become a tipster on asianhandicap.com

All picks on asianhandicap.com must be original and only posted on asianhandicap.com, we do not want copied picks, picks plagarised from other sites or a pick posted on a load of tipster sites, we want our readers to read picks only available at asianhandicap.com.

Picks must be posted up at least one hour before kick off, this gives the readers time to read the pick, find the best value and if they want, place a bet.

All tips must be at least 150 words, that is not a lot and shows the users that would be interested in your picks that you a serious tipster than can back up their selection with good reasoning.

We are currently sorting out sponsors for the competition as soon as we get enough tipsters on board to justify it. To apply as a AsianHandicap tipster please send a test preview to manager@asianhandicap.com

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